Crack Fill and Seal Coating

 Cracks need maintenance to reduce water seepage underneath the asphalt and causing damage to the structural integrity of the asphalt. We recommend crack filling all 1/2" or wider cracks with a hot rubberized crack filler to allow protection and future growth of cracks.   Seal coating is a preventive maintenance material used to extend pavement life and protection of the top layer from wear and tear. Its recommended every two to three years, and applied in dry, and warm weather.         

Asphalt Repairs & Surface Patching

 The perimeter is marked and saw cut.  The distressed asphalt is removed and replaced with new hot mix asphalt. Depending on the situation, some areas only need a surface patch to correct the elevation and allow water to correctly flow. We will evaluate your case and determine the feasibility of each repair. 

Sidewalk Repairs and Grinding of Tripping Hazards

 Pathways are generally made of concrete, which can cause tripping hazards due to tree roots, and soil movement. We grind most trip hazards from 1/4" to 3/4" off-set. Majority of the cases when the concrete has lifted and caused a major difference in elevation, removal, and replacement will be necessary. Concrete sidewalk replacement is beneficial for longevity. One of the MVC advantages is that we always dowel our concrete joints to help avoid any future displacement between the old and the new concrete.   

Curb, Valley Gutter & Mow-Strip

 Parking lots often require valley gutters to help move surface water and dispose of it properly. Mow-strips are often required to keep landscape areas divided from asphalt parking lot or keep the irrigation from constantly damaging the asphalt surface. 

ADA Compliance and Corrections

 ADA compliance is a state requirement for public places. The new building code along with the Federal Code has made significant changes that require old handicap stalls and wheelchair ramps to be updated to new code. We will assess each location and recommend options that will fit each site conditions. 

Striping and Signage

 All of our line-striping is done in-house and we strive to perform crisp, straight, bold lines and accurate well-marked layouts to improve the appearance and condition of your parking lot.